Programme Requirements

(a) All candidates must complete a minimum of 72 credits or a maximum of 78 credits by the end of the normal study period by taking:

  • one non-credit bearing compulsory course; and
  • not less than one capstone course.

Unless otherwise stated, each LLM course offered by the Department of Law carries 9 credits and each LLB course carries 6 credits.

This is summarised in Table 1:

Table 1Credits
Compulsory course0
Capstone course9
LLM elective courses (See Note 1)54-63
LLB elective courses (See Note 2)0-12
TotalMin. 72
Max. 78

Note 1: MCL students are not allowed to choose courses related to PRC law subjects.

Note 2: Students choosing to do one or two LLB elective courses will have to complete 78 credits or 75 credits respectively for satisfying the curriculum requirement.

(b) The normal study period for full-time students is one year. Table 2 shows the required number of credits you should study in an academic year:

Table 2Full-time Students
1st semester27-42 credits
January semester (Optional; see Note 3)0-9 credits
2nd semester27-42 credits
No. of credits completed by the end of an academic year
Min. 72 credits
Max. 78 credits

Note 3: January semester is an optional semester. Courses offered will have an intensive (compressed) class schedule. You may take up to one course in the January semester; credits earned will count towards your total for 2nd semester.

For further information, please refer to the MCL regulations and syllabus for your intake year (intake of 2019-2020; intake of 2020-2021).

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