Online Course Selection

(a) You must access the online system during the course selection period to choose ALL your courses for the entire academic year.

(b) Full-time students and part-time students in their first year will be automatically enrolled in the two compulsory foundation courses.

(c) When planning your course selections please note any applicable prerequisites – some courses require you to successfully complete another course prior to being eligible to take the course. You must plan your study programme in view of any such prerequisites.

(d) Most capstone courses will be undertaken in the second half of your studies, i.e.: 2nd semester for full-time students (other than the dissertation options); year 2 for part-time students. Part-time students will not be usually permitted to undertake a dissertation in their first year of study.  See here for information related to dissertations.

(e) When your course choices are saved online, the system will prompt you to select up to three extra “back-up courses”. You are strongly encouraged to enter back-up course selections – most elective courses have fixed quotas, which means that the first-choice courses you have selected do not guarantee a place on those courses. If you do not select a back-up course and you are unsuccessful getting into your first-choice course, you will effectively fall to the back of the queue in terms of course selection priority.

(f) You may use the online course system to modify your choice of courses before the end of the course selection period. The General Office will begin to process enrolment requests only after the system is closed. 

(g) Priority in an oversubscribed course is generally given to students who have properly registered for the course (see (e) above) and who need that course to fulfil syllabus requirements.

(h) The General Office will confirm your enrolments by email at the end of August.

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